1Information for Candidates


TIME ALLOWED:  30 MINUTES            PASS MARK:    70%

About the examination

 •The examination paper is structured into two sections.

 •There are 5 open comment questions in the examination paper. Each question is worth 1 mark.

Materials and equipment

•This is a closed book examination, so you must not refer to your Student Manual or other materials.

•You may use an electronic calculator, but you must not use a programmable calculator.

 Answering the examination questions 

•Each question has a text box for your answer, these will expand if needed.
•All 5 questions should be attempted. No marks are deducted for wrong answers. Marks are neither gained nor lost if a question is not answered. 

2Part 1




3Part 2


The information below will be used to answer the questions 





Please now press submit. Your exam result will be made available to you after marking.

If you have passed, then once the results are moderated, a hard copy certificate will be sent out as soon as possible.